What is Pixectra?

Pixectra is a subscription service that helps get your photos off your phone and into a 4 x 6 photo book every month. You select 40 to 100 photos for each Photobook. Perforated pages make it easy to tear + share your photos. Be surprised by a bright new cover
and colorful spine each month.You also get 20 free photos every month

How much does One PhotoBook cost?

A Photobook subscription is ₹249/month plus tax. This includes a photobook
(with 100 photos) every month. If you order multiple books in one month or send duplicate books to friends + family, you will just pay ₹249 + tax per additional book.

Can I skip a month of Photobook?

Sure, no problem. We will keep your account active, and the ₹249 subscription fee will still be charged by your book’s close date. Remember, you can always upload older photos if you don’t have enough new photos. Books do not accrue or roll over to future months if unused that month. The ₹249 monthly subscription fee is nonrefundable.

Why can I only upload photos directly from my device?

We want this to be an easy–to–use app with the simplest uploading + interface possible.
You can synchronize photo albums from your PC or Mac by plugging your device into your computer, using iTunes or iCloud.

What happens if I upload fewer than 100 photos?

If you upload less than 100 photos, we will simply create duplicates of as many photos as necessary to fill your photobook with 100 photos.

When will my first book be completed?

As soon as you upload your first 100 photos we will automatically close, print and ship your first book. However, it’s no problem if you need longer to select your best photos, we will wait one week before closing your first book with 40 to 100 photos.

At what point of the month do my photos need to be uploaded?

Your signup date determines your book’s closing date schedule. If you sign up on the 12th of the month, your photos must be uploaded by the 12th of the next month.

How do I select multiple copies of the same photo?

To select multiple copies of a photo, double–tap on a photo in the Photo Selection screen to bring up a large version of the photo. Then select the number of copies you wish printed from the Copies menu.

How long should it take for my photobook to arrive?

Your photobook will be printed 2–3 days after your closing date. We offer free shipping so please allow 10-12 business days for your book to arrive with Bulk Mail. You can check on the status of your book in the app under the My Account Order History.

How will my photos appear if they are not originally from my phone?

Some photos downloaded from your computer or social networks do not have the same dimensions as the photos taken on your phone. In this case, you may have a white border around some photos. This is to ensure we do not crop anything out of your photos. If you are using an Android device, the closest setting for your phones camera is a 4:3 ratio

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